Event 1: 'What can relationships science offer contemporary interventions?' February 24 2014, University of Sheffield.

Event 2: 'Contemporary interventions for relationshipsMay 23 2014, University of Southampton.

Event 3: 'Optimising engagement with internet interventions' October 13 2014, University of Sussex.

Event 4: 'Technology for young people's wellbeing' March 11 2015, University of East Anglia.  

Event 5: 'Mental health and attachment processes in adolescents and young adults' May 29 2015, University of Bristol. 

Event 6: 'Putting the social into interventions: networks, norms and relationships' November 27 2015, University of Sheffield. 

Event 7: 'Towards a better understanding of adult attachment relationships and implications for wellbeing'  March 10 2016, Slaughters Country Inn, Cotswolds. 

Event 8: 'Wider applications of attachment theory in contemporary interventions'. September 22 2016, University of Bristol.

Event 9: 'Applying relationships science to workplace interventions'. January 27 2017, University of Sussex.